The easiest and most comprehensive asset management software on the market

Everything you need to make your business grow super fast!

Saves time

Automate your rental and lease management administrative tasks.

Saves money

It reduces by 80% the time spent on property management.
It exponentially reduces the time wasted in tasks of increasing productivity and effectiveness in their day to day.


Configure Rentger to perform automatic collections, generate and send invoices, assign incidents to suppliers, send automatic alerts and notify you of important alerts.

What they say about us

"Es un buen programa para llevar toda la gestión de los alquileres, una vez te adaptas a ella es bastante fácil. A destacar principalmente la atención al cliente, que hasta el momento ha sido de 10."
Guillermo R.
+10 activos
“Excelente aplicación para llevar la gestión de alquileres, tanto como propietario como inquilino. Muy fácil de utilizar, te hace desde la declaración de la renta, hasta informes.Totalmente recomendable”
"La herramienta es muy completa y la formación es precisa y con mucho detalle."

The complete property management software

Dedicated, passionate and professional services

Affordable prices

Premium Customer Service

Free simple data migration

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The rental management program

Rentger is designed for property, estate and rental managers who want to automate, modernize and grow their business.

Easy to use online property management software

Monitoring of rent and expenses, accounting, contracts, incidents, ... The different stages in the life of the rental contract are covered by Rentger.

Rentger automates the creation of your rent receipts and invoices ... The best software solution for property and rental management that helps you get the most out of your business


managed assets


signed contracts


collected income


solved problems

Eliminates paper

Manage your documents online. Manage receipts and invoices. Sign any document online in minutes.

Manage your properties

Easily manage tenants and properties. Send notifications and information with a simple click.

Easy to set up and use

Our services are intuitive, so much so that you probably won't need the help of our support team, but we are available at any time if you need it.

Access important business metrics

You know the occupancy rate, profitability, depreciation and expenses of your properties.

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